Duxbury: Special Town Meeting Approves Articles to Lower Speed Limits in Town

In just one hour residents of Duxbury wrapped up their Special Town Meeting Monday night to make changes to speed limits in town.

After the hit and run crash on Washington Street back in June that took the life of Duxbury resident Andrea Gordon the town took a big step in an effort to make their streets safer.

Residents voted to accept provisions of a state law which will allow Duxbury to lower speed limits on certain streets.

The two articles passed last night will allow the town to lower speed limits to 25 miles per hour and the other article allows certain streets to be established as safety zones with a speed limit of 20.

Duxbury Town Manager Rene Read says the next step is to hear from residents on which road ways they would like to see speed limit changes on.

Co-chair of the Duxbury Highway Safety advisory committee Paul Brogna says residents can submit a written request to the town if they feel the speed limit needs to change on their street.

In addition to changing speed limits on certain road ways, Duxbury also plans on cutting back brush and heavy foliage to make certain road ways wider.


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