Duxbury: Town Asks Commonwealth for Stay on Decommissioning of Pilgrim

The town of Duxbury is asking the Commonwealth to stop the decommissioning of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Plant before it even starts.

Duxbury’s Nuclear Advisory Committee met with the Duxbury Board of Selectmen last night to ask that a letter be sent to Governor Baker asking for a stay in the decommissioning.

Chair of the board of selectmen David Madigan wants more transparency about the process.

Chair of the Duxbury Nuclear Advisory Committee Mary Lampert told the board that there is not enough money in the decommissioning trust fund and there has been no assessment on how contaminated the property is before they start.

Lampert also says Holtec, the company taking over the decommissioning, has hired companies to help with the process that have had some legal issues in the past.

The state of Massachusetts is asking the NRC or Nuclear Regularity Commission for a stay in the decommissioning to allow for more time for public hearings and involvement.


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