MA: Bill to Protect Pollinators Going Through House

A local Legislator is supporting a bill which aims to regulate pesticides lethal to bees after seeing alarming statistics.

In 2017, Massachusetts bee keepers reported a 65% annual loss in bee colony numbers, resulting in a broad scientific inquiry into why we have such a dramatic, rapid and severe decline in pollinator health…

That’s State Rep Joan Meschino who says samples of honey from around the world shows 75% of samples from 6 continents contained a quantifiable amount of at least one neonicotintoids.

These neonicotinoids have been used since the 1980’s worldwide with no regulation prompting her to co-sponsor this bill

The bill will strike this crucial balance by restricting the sale of neonicotinoid pesticides as well limiting the use of “neonics” to either certified commercial or licensed applicators.

The bill will be scheduled for a hearing by the Joint Committee on Environment, Natural Resources and Agriculture this Fall.

Neonic Bills

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