Plymouth: Becoming a Green Community Could Mean Green of the Bankable Kind

In Plymouth, the Energy Committee wants to offer the town the opportunity to be a Green Community. The state sponsored Green Community Designation and Grant Program provides a road map, along with financial and technical support to participating municipalities. Margie Burgess, Chair of the Energy Committee, talks about the advantages of signing on to the Green Communities program:

“We would get grants to fund energy efficiency initiatives, renewable energy and innovative projects and it will create a green, affordable, resilient energy future for us.”

Participating towns pledge to cut municipal energy use by 20 percent over 5 years and meet four other criteria established in the Green Communities Act. So, would there be financial benefits to the town?

“The first year, when we sign up, we’ll get two hundred seventy five thousand dollars. Going forward, then, each year we would apply for a grant for a particular project that the town needs to do.

Burgess says that many towns have already signed on:

“We’re not going to be ground breakers on it because there’s already, cities and towns, 244 of them have already signed up.”

And the state claims that these energy leaders have accessed designation grants of over $44 million dollars for energy projects.

The Energy Committee meets tonight at town hall at 6 and will discuss the Green Communities initiative.

About Bobbi Clark

Bobbi Clark is a Plymouth area reporter at WATD. She began her career in radio as a producer at a news/talk radio station in Chicago. From there she went to WMAQ-TV, the NBC owned and operated television station in Chicago, As a producer there, she won 5 Emmy Awards for production of special programming. Bobbi is a graduate of Emerson College, with a degree in Writing, Publishing and Literature.