Scituate: Water Main Flushing On Friday

Officials in Scituate say the next phase of the fall Water Main Flushing program is scheduled to begin today.

Streets impacted by the program include Captain Pierce Rd., Stone Ave., and Ely Ave.

The flushing will occur between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. but officials say it may be extended as needed.

The flushing program will cause discolored water in varying degrees in all sections of town.

Officials say flushing is typically done with any municipal water system to remove any sediment that may build up in the pipe.

During that process the Town opens hydrants along the water line, stirring up the sediment in the pipe which is then removed from the system through hydrants located at the limits of the flushing area.

This practice is carried out to prevent the sediment from being stirred up in the water lines during a fire, high demand time of year or a broken water line.

While most of the sediment is removed from the pipes but some does escape into the system which causes the discoloration of water.

Scituate’s water system is a closed system and sediment can spread throughout the system until it is flushed.

Officials say removing discolored water from any residence begins by allowing water to flush from an outdoor spigot which will prevent sediment from entering fixtures in the residence.

The sediment will travel through the system until it can escape and the entire water system is controlled by pressure and elevation.

More information can be found on the town’s website.

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