Hull: Selectmen Approve Steamboat Marina Restaurant

In Hull, the Selectmen voted to approve a restaurant use at the Steamboat Wharf Marina.

Andy Spinale and Justin Gould, the owners of the marina, are proposing a seasonal restaurant at the site in addition to marina operations.

“We’re happy to move forward on this. It’s been a long time coming, this decision,” said Spinale. “We’ve been at it for over a year now. The fact that we’re making our first step forward on this process is exciting.”

Gould felt it was a good use for the property, they’re off the Weir River with views of World’s End. They’re planning to name the restaurant Red Sky.

“It’s the best use of the property. It’s a marina, you look at marinas in the area, ones that we’re competing against,” said Gould. “Just about all of them have at least one restaurant, if not two. We operate a very seasonal business, the restaurant is the perfect compliment.”

The hearings have taken about a year, parking has been one of the focal points. As part of an agreement, Jake’s Seafood will get about 35 more parking spots. There will be an area where both restaurants will share parking as well. The Selectmen voted unanimously on the use.

Chairman Domenico Sestito says it’s a community opportunity for a thriving area of town.

“I’m actually very excited about what’s happened down at Steamboat Marina. Jake’s Seafood has been a great tenant for the town for many decades, a very generous family. Steamboat has been a very successful marina,” said Sestito. “I’m excited about the prospect of restaurant and them working together. It’s going to be a great experience for those who live in town, and also those who come to visit. Hull is booming, great things are coming to Hull, and this is just one example of it.”

The proposal will now go before the Planning Board and other town boards. Spinale and Gould hope to open in May of 2020.

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