Plymouth: North Fire Station Shut Down by Board of Health for Asbestos

The Board of Health is shutting down the North Plymouth Fire Station after building samples showed levels of asbestos.

The floor of the station on Spooner Street crumbling beneath the weight of a truck parked inside earlier this month is what prompted the Department of Public Health to get the building tested for mold, lead paint and asbestos.

The results showed no mold or lead paint, but did show 2 percent asbestos in the plaster.


Chair of Plymouth’s Board of Health, Birgitta Kuehn says acting under their jurisdiction under state law, she called an emergency meeting and presented their recommendations to Town Manager Melissa Arrighi and Selectman Chair Ken Tavares.

Recommendations include bringing in an Industrial Hygienist to test the whole building, have a safe way to retrieve all gear out of the vacated fire house and notify all persons who may have been exposed in the building in the last 20-30 years to get testing done, all of which were accepted by Arrighi and Tavares  


Kuehn says the North Plymouth Fire Station was built in 1906 and will remain closed until further notice.

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