Weymouth: Construction of the Fore River Compressor Station Unclear

Despite strong opposition from residents, political figures, and activists, construction for the proposed compressor station at the Fore River could begin immediately.

This comes after earlier this month when the State’s Coastal Zone Management issued a determination of consistency allowing Enbridge Canada to technically be able to start building.

However, Alice Arena Executive Director of the Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station (FRRACS) says they will fight the CZM ruling in court noting the determination is actually in violation of their mandate-, along with the other ongoing lawsuits.



Then on November 27th the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission granted Enbridge a Notice To Proceed with construction at the 4-acre site.

That same day, Weymouth Mayor Bob Hedlund wrote a letter to the Department of Environmental Protection asking them to review the Enbridge’s  site clean-up plan before construction on the compressor station located in the most densely populated site in US history begins.

Hedlund has also been citing the recent cancelled contracts with Enbridge, decreasing the need for the compressor station all together.  

A spokesperson for Enbridge has said in an emailed statement that they “anticipate construction activities in early December.”

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