Duxbury: Residents Hear from Town Officials Concerning Historic Property

The board of selectmen’s meeting was filled this week with residents wanting to know what the town is doing to try to save a historic property.

The 13-acre Isaac Simmons property was built in 1696 on Temple Street and the current owner has been looking to sell the land to a developer to build over 200 units including affordable housing.

Many residents voiced their concerns about losing a historic property and having a large development take its place.


Duxbury Town Manager Rene Read sent a letter to the property’s attorney, the MA Department of Revenue and the Department of Agriculture Resources and Conservation Recreation.

The letter states it’s clear the owner is inflating the price so the town would have to pay “far in excess of its fair market value”.

Read says he wants the property owner to offer a fair asking price before the town can move forward with acquiring the historic estate.


Part of the Isaac Simmons property sits on Chapter 61A land, it’s a state agricultural program that offers tax breaks to land owners who are willing to commit to keeping the land undeveloped.



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