Kingston: GM for Kingston Collection Seeking Variance for Retail Marijuana Establishment

David Gilmore, the General Manager for the Kingston Collection, is seeking a variance from the Zoning Board of Appeals to allow for a retail marijuana establishment on the property. He’s seeking a variance from the required 100-foot distance from a residential district.

He said he was not seeking a variance for the entire 165-acre property. The establishment would be near PiNZ at the rear of the mall. 

“We believe this is a great opportunity,” Gilmore told the board. “If you put it here, people will continue to spend money in Kingston.”

Residents were concerned that kids gather at the Collection, and Cape Nekon is located nearby. Gilmore says Raboth Road serves as a barrier between the nearby properties.  

ZBA Chairman Paul Dahlen wants to check with town counsel to see if a variance can be granted for a specific area, rather than the whole property.

“If this something that is going to happen and the town is very divided, this has to be perfect,” said Dahlen. “From the little details to the broadest details. That’s why we’re not saying this is a bad project or a good project. This has to be the correct project.”

Dahlen wants to see more information from Gilmore before the board makes a decision. The layout of the property presents another challenge. At Town Meeting, residents wanted to make sure that marijuana establishments were not near playgrounds, schools, or day care centers.

Approvals would still be needed from the Cannabis Control Commission, the Selectmen, and Planning Board. 

“I want our Town Counsel to effectively state that the intent of the new bylaw stands, not just with our town, but also with the state,” said Dahlen. “The state could still overrule stuff, as they did when we made the vote to say that there was no marijuana in town.”

The hearing was continued to March 5th at Kingston Town Hall.

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