Norwell: Cheever Tavern to Open in Downtown Where McGreals Tavern was Located

The Norwell Board of Selectmen met this week and reviewed 11 articles for this year’s special town meeting and also discussed a new restaurant that is under construction in downtown.

The restaurant will be called Cheever Tavern and is being opened by Norwell resident Mike Sheehan in the space formally occupied by McGreal’s Tavern.

Sheehan says the restaurant location will help achieve goals on the town’s master plan.


Board of selectmen chair Ellen Allen says the downtown area needs more businesses to make the area more vibrant.


The Board also reviewed 11 articles that will appear on this year’s special town meeting warrant.

The bigger articles include over $5 million dollars for renovations to town hall and another $5 million to consolidate two town departments into one.

Allen says town hall needs a lot of work and moving the tree and grounds crew over to the highway department, making them one, will help organize daily operations.


Other articles include bylaw changes so the board can change speed limits on some of Norwell’s streets and better signage throughout the business areas of town.

The Norwell Special Town Meeting will be held on Monday, February 10th starting at 7:30 pm at the middle school.

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