Plymouth: Dredging of the Harbor Expected to be Complete by End of January

plymouth dredge

In Plymouth, two dredges have been at work in the harbor since last October and they’re almost done. One is the Army Corp project—working on the Federal mooring field and also the town has contracted for a dredge to work on the Mayflower berth and the new pier.

Harbor Master Chad Hunter says the Army Corp project is very important because they were responsible for dredging the entrance channel:

“So, from Plymouth beach into the harbor, bringing that down to minus 15 feet at low tide—that’s very important for accessing the harbor with larger ships. Some of the tall ships we’ve seen, they draw about minus 10, minus 11 feet, so that will allow them access no matter what the tide—even at low tide they can come and go.”

Hunter says that’s always been a hurdle for the town…

“…working with some of the tall ships we’ve had in the past and some of the small cruise ships—they shouldn’t have to work around the tides to be able to get in and out of Plymouth. That is now not the case.”

Since dredging has been underway since last fall, that means a lot of material to be disposed of. The Harbor Master says there are different options for disposal:

“The Army Corp project, they’re able to take that dredge material and bring it off-shore and dump it—there’s a couple of locations that are determined by Army Corp and EPA as to where they can dispose of the material—but those are off shore disposals so that’s the cheaper option. ”

The contractor for the town project has to take the dredge material to an on land disposal site—it cannot be disposed of off-shore.

Both projects are expected to be completed by the end of the month.


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