Weymouth: Recent Federal Court Ruling Gives Opponents of Compressor Station Hope

As the appeal for the air permit granted for the proposed Weymouth compressor station is pending in Federal Court, opponents look hopefully at a recent Federal court ruling in Virginia that revoked an air permit for a similar project.

A federal Court in Virginia threw out an air permit issued by the State citing the negative health effects it would have on the surrounding community which is historically African-American.

President of Fore River Residents Against the Compressor Station or FRRACS, Alice Arena, says there are many similarities between the project in Weymouth including the way project owner Enbridge and the Department of Environmental Protection are ignoring the health risks.


When the air permit was originally issued by the Massachusetts DEP in May of 2019, the process was unusual because of a DEP 759-page data dump on what was supposed to be the last day of the hearing which showed unsafe levels of air borne pollutants, but the air quality permit was issued anyways.

Currently all of the briefs have been filed on the air quality permit in Federal Court and waiting for a date to be scheduled for oral arguments.


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