Duxbury: Town Investing in Protecting it’s Coastline

Duxbury is taking a proactive approach to climate change and sea level rise.

Sea level rise, climate change and nor’easters are some of the issues that the beach reservation is worried about and is making plans to protect Duxbury Harbor.

Here is Executive Director of the Beach Reservation Chris Luttazi, she says Duxbury has what is called a “barrier beach”.


The Reservation completed one project last summer and widened one of the crossovers on the drive on section, that had a price tag of $1.4 million dollars.

Some of the funding comes from grants and other money is raised through fundraisers.

Luttazi says the Reservation is working on getting a permit that will cover multiple projects that will be done over the next years.


The next project will be a beach nourishment project by Blakemans on Gurnet Road this summer.


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