Plymouth: EPA Permit Issued to Monitor Wastewater at Pilgrim

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking a close look at the pollution that is still coming from the now-shuttered Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station in Plymouth as they issue a permit that requires wastewater to be monitored.

EPA Chief of the Industrial Permits Section, Damien Houlihan, says the last permit expired back in 1996 and this is a reissuance to ensure the waters off cape cod bay are protected as the plant is decommissioned.


Houlihan says one important requirement by the permit is that water used to cool down the spent nuclear rods does not touch the actual rod itself so that it can be safely discharged into Cape Cod Bay.

If the limitations in the permit are not followed, Houlihan says there are weighty consequences such as a fine of $32,000 per violation per day and or criminal sanctions.

The permit will expire in 5 years and will have to be re-issued by the EPA.

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