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Norwell: Selectmen Postpone Annual Town Meeting, Election

In Norwell, the Selectmen voted unanimously to postpone the upcoming Special and Annual Town Meetings, and Town Election. All three were scheduled to take place in May, but given the COVID-19 pandemic, those plans were put on hold.

On Wednesday, the Selectmen voted to schedule the Special and Annual Town Meetings for June 15. The Town Election was scheduled for June 27.

Town Counsel Bob Galvin told the Selectmen on a conference call that special legislation was passed this week, giving towns more flexibility.  

“Town Elections as of Monday night, can be postponed by a vote of the Board of Selectmen to any date certain before June 30th,” said Galvin.

In Norwell, Galvin said the Selectmen may move the Town Meetings to any date the board wants, since the warrant was not posted. Selectman Chair Ellen Allen said she checked with Town Moderator Bill Coffey to find dates that worked.

Selectman Bruce Graham asked if there would be an impact for fiscal year compliance. Town Administrator Peter Morin says it’s a matter of weeks.

“We’ll be a little bit jammed on closing the books on the fiscal year, but we’ll kind of take that out of order this year,” said Morin. “We’ll start the closing of the books on FY20 actually before we do Town Meeting, usually we do it the other way around – we complete Town Meeting and then close the books. It’ll make things a little bit hectic, but compared to what we’re doing now, no problem.”

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