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Plymouth: Dirty Water Distillery Making Free Hand Sanitizer

We’ve become more knowledgeable about hand sanitizer than we expected. It’s essentially high percentage alcohol, not 80 proof but 80 percent, mixed with hydrogen peroxide and a gelling agent to keep it on the skin long enough to kill microbes. The alcohol dissolves the fatty protective layer around viruses. We also know it’s very hard to get.

Pepe Avizonis has a distillery and a wife working in medicine:

“Soap and water work really well at dissolving fat, that’s still the preferred method for people to clean their hands. But, in situation where you don’t have access to water like police, firefighters and front line responders – hand sanitizer is a critical need for them.” 

Dirty Water Distillery on Water Street in Plymouth is making hand sanitizer and giving it to first responders and medical facilities by the gallon. If members of the public bring a two-ounce container, they can get a personal supply.

“We giving it all away for free. You can donate through our webpage we will use the money to buy more supplies hydrogen peroxide is difficult to get our hands on.”

Dirty Water is open 2 to 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and noon to 6 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.


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