Music Matters in Massachusetts

Our campaign Music Matters in Massachusetts lets everyone from kids to adults, listeners to musicians, singers and educators share how their lives have been enriched and empowered by music. Music education opens doors to new worlds, and we hope these stories will inspire the community to ensure those doors remain open for everyone.

Listen to our collection of feature interviews, showcasing the impact that music has had on lives in Massachusetts. Whether the spark began with a garage sale guitar, a trip to see the Boston Ballet, or band practice in the 6th grade, each person has a story to tell.

Music is powerful, it makes us remember the good times and forget the bad, and it’s as personal as each individual. However, we can all agree, it brings us together to celebrate, soothe and inspire.


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About the Author

Michelle Bermas is a Freelance Correspondent for 95.9 WATD. She loves meeting people, interviewing them and sharing their story with South Shore listeners. She's also a freelance writer whose written for the Sunday Boston Globe Magazine, South Shore Living Magazine,, The Boston Globe newspaper and more.