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postheadericon Beacon Hill Blotter: “Honor Roll of the Abolitionists” Presented to 7th Plymouth District

WHITMAN, MA: On Sunday, August 14th, during a gathering of the South Shore GOP at the Whitman VFW (Post 697), Ms. Lugenia Gordon of Manchester, N.H. presented a scroll known as the “Honor Roll of the Abolitionists” to the State Representative Geoff Diehl. The scroll was awarded to recognize the significant contributions made by past citizens of the 7th Plymouth District (Abington, Whitman & East Bridgewater) for the Abolitionist movement to end slavery. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Capitol Hill Blotter: Keating releases tips to beat the heat, invites you to Washington, DC

File Photo: Congressman Keating visiting a local business in Rockland

Now that the warm weather is upon us, many Massachusetts residents are eagerly anticipating barbecues, road trips and some much-needed down-time. While the summer is a time to enjoy the outdoors, we must also remember to be safe, especially during this recent spate of extremely hot weather. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Beacon Hill Blotter: Memorial Day 2011: A Call to Act

Abington's Mt. Vernon Cemetary

Mt. Vernon Cemetary, Abington MA

Below is the speech delivered by Representative Diehl in Abington and Whitman and by his wife, KathyJo, in East Bridgewater for Memorial Day:

“The observance of Memorial Day serves as a reminder of a rich history of American might and sacrifice and of the men and women of our great state and country who have served in all branches of our military. It is a day of reflection, honor and reverence and must be fittingly celebrated if we are to remain “One Nation Under God.” And, it is also a call; a call to act.

For this day is too great to be dependent on memory alone. In 1884, Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., himself a veteran of the Civil War, from where Memorial Day was first celebrated, had some forward-thinking insight into this day which I would like to share with you.   He said, “Today is the moment that by common consent, we pause to be conscious of our national life, to rejoice in it, to recall what our country has done for each of us and to ask ourselves what we can do for our country in return.”

Rep. Diehl at Whitman ceremony

Rep. Diehl at Whitman ceremony

Holmes understood to fight a war you must believe something and want something with all your might.

To fight for the Union, to abolish slavery, to liberate Cuba, to make the world safe for democracy, to fight fascism, to keep a nuclear world safe, to fight terrorism.

We must be willing to commit ourselves to a course, he said, perhaps a long and hard one without being able to know exactly where it will come out.  Further, we must remember those who gave their lives so that we may live in peace and freedom.

In their memory, we must remember this day not only as an observance, but a celebration of a life worth living.

Let us not only hallow the sacred memory of those from this town who died for our country, let us also be inspired this day to act diligently on the challenges that face us today so that we can be worthy of their actions.

KathyJo Diehl at East Bridgewater ceremony

KathyJo Diehl at East Bridgewater ceremony

This is the time for a new hope. This is the hour to stand up and be counted. This is a sacred moment to dedicate ourselves and to act with enthusiasm and faith on the issues that confront each and every one of us as Americans, both at home and abroad.

Let us here today dedicate our lives as Lincoln so eloquently stated, so that the dead shall not have died in vain, and that “government of the people, by the people, for the people” shall not perish from the earth.”

postheadericon Capitol Hill Blotter: Rep. Keating releases ‘green guide’ for constituents

In honor of Earth Day, I released a “Green Guide” on Friday, April 22nd for the residents of Massachusetts’ 10th Congressional District.

The theme of this year’s Earth Day is A Billion Acts of Green, and I can think of no better way to embrace that spirit than by committing to incorporate small acts of green on a daily basis.  The changes necessary to do our part do not need to be great or cumbersome, and I hope my Green Guide provides usable information on opportunities to go green at home, in the office or in our community. 

Environmental conservation is critical to our district where tourism is a key local industry, but it is also imperative to the country as a whole.  If we want to lower our fuel costs and end our country’s dependence on foreign oil, then we need to start employing clean energy technologies. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Capitol Hill Blotter: Congressman reaches milestone of 100 days in office

Welcoming home returning servicemen at Otis Airforce Base

Today marks my 100th day in office as the Representative for Massachusetts’ South Shore, Cape and Islands.

In these short three and a half months, there have been many changes in our country and around the world.  Despite the tumultuous uprisings and threats of a government shutdown, my priorities remain the same as they were on day one:  putting the residents of Massachusetts’ 10th district back to work and rebuilding our local economy.  Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Beacon Hill Blotter: “YOU Are There”

Walter Cronkite

"You Are There" with Walter Cronkite

In 1952, CBS aired a historical reenactment show called “You Are There,” hosted by Walter Cronkite, who would begin the program each week with “What sort of day was it? A day like all days, filled with those events that alter and illuminate our times… and you were there.” Actors would play key historical figures and recreate scenes from American and world history and there would be a reporter narrating the scene as it unfolded.

This past Tuesday, Treasurer Steve Grossman and I had a meeting regarding a mortgage relief plan for homeowners and we each spoke about the chance to make significant contributions to the Commonwealth through our roles on Beacon Hill. The Treasurer recalled watching Cronkite’s show as a child and expressed the excitement he felt each time the words, “and you were there” were uttered. It was must watch television for him and, as he explained, gave him a unique perspective on history – something he hoped to play a big part of someday.

As my fourth installment for the Beacon Hill Blotter, I hope that I am able to give you a sense of the activity and context of what transpires here at the State House. It’s my goal to enlighten and also document the work being done by myself and my colleagues to move Massachusetts forward. Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon 12th Plymouth District: Calter, Truschelli take part in final WATD Political Forum

[singlepic id=144 w=210 h=120 mode=watermark float=right]Democratic Incumbent Tom Calter and Republican political newcomer Joseph Truschelli squared off in the final WATD Political Forum of the Election Season on Thursday night.

The one hour forum featuring the two candidates for the 12th Plymouth District touched on many issues. The forum was moderated by WATD Managing Editor Christine James, and features a panel of reporters and featured WATD Political Talk Show host D.A. Mittell. [display_podcast] Read the rest of this entry »

postheadericon Photos: Race for Plymouth County DA takes center stage in WATD Political Forum

[singlepic id=120 w=210 h=120 mode=watermark float=right]The race for Plymouth County District Attorney takes center stage tonight in a WATD Political Forum hosted by WATD Managing Editor Christine James. Incumbent Republican candidate Tim Cruz, the only candidate to accept the invitation, will field questions from James, a longtime political journalist, and D.A. Mittell a longtime political analyst. Read the rest of this entry »

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