Oldies w/ Ted McCaw

Ted McCaw started collecting records when he was 2 years old. He still has his first 45 – “The Sparrow in the Tree Top” by Guy Mitchell. The love of music is in his family; his Dad was a professional drummer for the Jimmy Dorsey orchestra, his mom played the sax and Ted has always played the organ.

Years ago Ted met “The Old Troll of Rock ‘n Roll,” Ed Perry and Ed taught him the mixing board and how to spin records. His first actual job at WATD was announcing Traffic (where else could a blind guy do traffic??).

Due to transportation problems, Ted started broadcasting from his home in 1985. He has his current studio set up in his basement.

He knows where everything is and his girlfriend often finds him working in the dark. It’s called “Off the Wall” with Ted McCaw because Ted always thought of pulling the records Off the Wall in a record store.

In his spare time, Ted loves to restore Studebakers. His Dad rented a gas station when Ted was a baby and he could change spark plugs when he was 4 years old.

Little Miss Audrey, a 1961 Studebaker, is his pride and joy! She is very dependable and Ted allows a select few people to drive her. She has the original AM radio but Ted has installed an AM/FM radio under the dash that is always tuned to 95.9WATD, of course!

When not tinkering with Little Miss Audrey, Ted is restoring old juke boxes, likes to ride horses and loves people!

That’s all from “Your Studebaker Buddy” Ted.

Ted Passed Away Recently and WATD Would Like to Honor His Life.

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