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Join Sherry Smith and Bob Fournier on alternate
Sunday mornings here on the South Shore’s Radio Station.


Meet host Sherry Smith
When Sherry Smith was growing up in Hingham, she used to stay up late listening to her parents’ Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald records. Much later when she married a piano player, she (again) would stay up late and made mix tapes from their extensive record collection.In the back of her mind, she always fantasized about having her own late night jazz show, spinning records into the wee hours.Although Sherry always kept her straight “day job” in sales and advertising and the minute she turned 21 (the legal age at the time), she began working in Boston’s famed Jazz Workshop. Here, she was able to meet and listen to some of her favorites…Miles, Monk, Mose Allison, Carmen McRae, etc., etc…and then there were the smoky, swinging after clubs in the South End.Luckily for Sherry, she married a cute, rich guy and was able to attend jazz festivals overseas, on the seas, and stateside, Soaking it all in (pun intended).So fast forward to the late nineties, Sherry was cleaning up after a dinner party and scanning the dial on the radio when to her amazement she happened upon WATD-FM’s Burt Lewis playing “Moody’s Mood for Love”, one of her favorites. Stunned at his impeccable taste, she listened until about 2:30 in the morning and decided to call him.After a very engaging conversation, she told Burt that he had the job of her dreams. He mentioned that he was looking for an intern, to which she replyed, “I’m it!”. And that started her tenure at WATD. Sadly, Burt became seriously ill and subsequently died, leaving the show to Sherry. She has been hosting “Round Midnight” since then.

It is the most fabulous gig she’s ever had. She plays mainstream jazz with ballads to bebop and insists on melody and a solid beat. Some of her favorite composers are Gershwin, Rogers and Hart, Charles Mingus and Cy Coleman. She loves piano players (although not the one she married all those years ago).If you’re up late on Saturday nights (or more accurately early Sunday mornings), tune in and call in, Sherry would love to chat with you about jazz and more.


Meet host Bob Fournier
BobEileen05MFair Bob’s first encounter with radio came about at the age of 4 when he was asked to say “hello” to his dad’s radio audience on the show his father performed Saturday mornings at ten AM in Salem, Massachusetts. His father was known as “The Whispering Ranger” on station WESX in Salem; he played his guitar and sang country-western songs and several written by his wife, who also wrote his theme song, about a cowboy with a saddlebag full of songs to sing. Folks would send in penny post cards requesting songs for him to sing and dedicated to loved ones who were away during the War.Fast forward to his teens Bob never thought about becoming a “Disk Jockey” but he would set up his small Red and Brown 45 rpm RCA Victor record player by his second floor window in his bedroom overlooking the street, crank up the volume to the max and play all his favorite R&B and Jazz records to passersby, most folks seemed to enjoy his selections, some were not happy about that “jungle music” and blocked their ears with their hands, he never minded he just played on. While the music played, Bob played along with his drum sticks on anything close by. Bob entered the Marine Corps at 17 and has his Honorable Discharge proudly framed on his wall in his home in Hingham, Massachusetts along with his other Discharges from the Air Force, National Guard and the Army, he retired in 2000. He was a professional drummer during the ’60s on Cape Cod and the Boston area. He has always loved music and played in duos, trios, and 12 to 16 piece orchestras. He no longer plays professionally but will occasionally drum along on the counter with some of the music he loves playing on the radio at WATD. (Don’t tell Ed!)Bob joined the WATD family in 1998 doing board work on Sunday mornings but wasn’t happy until Ed suggested an overnight show playing “oldies”, one of his favorites. During this time he met Peter Black and a friendship ensued, when Bob departed the “oldies” show Peter asked Bob to be a part of his show, which he did and at the same time helped Sherry Smith on some occasions by filling in on the Jazz show created by Bert Lewis, ‘Round Midnight’ Sherry was a close friend of Bert and she loved the Jazz show.

So it was a natural fit for her to assume the “Host” roll after Bert passed away. Sherry asked Bob to become more a part of the show being a large fan of Jazz he jumped at the opportunity because it’s the only Jazz show on WATD.Jazz, Rhythm & Blues and Blues has always been with Bob over the years, he loves sharing his favorite music with listeners.

Bob on drums with his band ”Freddy & The Playboys” in May 1957.

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Bob Fournier’s Father

“The Whispering Ranger”

Dad edit

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