Goldie Bounce Golf w/ Liza Churchill

Goldie Bounce \gold”ie bouns\ verb
When the golf ball strikes a tree deep in the rough and bounces out onto the fairway. May also be referred to as “divine intervention!”

2018 Marks  Liza Churchill’s 10th New England golf season covering the local South Shore, Regional and National Golf Beat on 95.9 WATD!

Join Goldie Bounce Golf Host and 95.9 WATD Sports Reporter Liza Churchill, her friend’s call her Goldie, during 95.9 WATD’s The South Shore’s Morning News!

Liza brings you conversations with New England’s top golf instructors, competitors, industry insiders, course owners, hotshots ~ even celebrity golfers for a unique bird’s eye view of golf in New England and beyond!

Listen for Liza’s seasonal golf features during The South Shore’s Morning News on Thursdays at 8:40 AM. 

Catch her occasional WATD Sports golf reports weekday mornings at :22 and :52 past the hour from 5-10 AM  

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Goldie’s Golf Getaways

Goldie Bounce Golf Host and WATD Golf Reporter Liza Churchill, her friends call her Goldie, is hittin’ the road, leavin’ no stone unturned in her quest to uncover the finest golf Getaways in New England and Beyond!

Join Goldie on The South Shore’s Morning News Thursdays at 8:40 a.m. to hear her Reviews and a chance to win spoils from Goldie’s travels!

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Introducing Goldie’s Weekly Hot Sheet!  Golf Lifestyle ‘N Culture Picks for the stylish and informed golfer.  Currently trending stuff YOU NEED TO KNOW ‘cause golfers have a full life OFF THE COURSE too!

Goldie’s Hot Sheet ~ Airing Thursday’s at 8:40 a.m. during New England’s golf season right here on 95.9 WATD’s The South Shore’s Morning News

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Meet Liza


Since 2009,  WATD Sports Reporter Liza Churchill has provided local coverage of the South Shore, New England and National golf beat as a member of WATD’s Sports Team!

From 2010 to 2012 Liza hosted a live New England Golf Show entitled “Goldie Bounce Golf” on Sunday evenings on WATD featuring the hottest trends, talent and technology in our region and beyond!  Her many guests fondly refer to her as Goldie and the nickname has stuck!

Since 2012 during New England’s golf season, Liza’s popular golf segments have aired on The South Shore’s Morning News on WATD.

Liza hails from a long line of golfers and draws her insider’s perspective from over 15 years spent working within New England’s golf industry.  Liza’s goals of doing all she can to “grow the game of golf” and helping to “empower those who wish to learn this magnificent sport” while preserving golf’s rich history and traditions are of utmost importance to her.

The technology explosion of the past few years has brought about a booming social networking aspect to golf media and the global golfing community has become more accessible and user friendly to the public.  Liza’s body of work exemplifies these trends for after all golf is fun!

Feel free to contact Liza at and Follow her on Twitter!

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Tiger Woods with WATD’s Liza Churchill

Rory Mcilroy with WATD’s Liza Churchill

Dustin Johnson with WATD's Liza ChurchillDustin Johnson with WATD’s Liza Churchill

Graeme McDowell with WATD’s Liza Churchill

LPGA Jane Frost with WATD's Liza ChurchillLPGA Jane Frost with WATD’s Liza Churchill

Jasper Parnevik with WATD's Liza ChurchillJasper Parnevik with WATD’s Liza Churchill

Billy Horshel with WATD's Liza ChurchillBilly Horshel with WATD’s Liza Churchill

About the Author

2018 Marks WATD Sports Reporter Liza Churchill’s 10th New England golf season covering the local South Shore, Regional and National Golf Beat as a member of WATD’s Sports Team!