Tuesday, March 13, 2018

amy k

Amy Kaufman

At 7:10 this morning Steve Darcy joins us in studio to talk about the Marshfield Town Meeting Article regarding the possible dog park in town.

David Snell delivers the latest tech news at 8:10. Viruses? Hackers? Malware? Innovators? Privacy matters? We’ll learn about the latest tech news from David from ACTSmart I.T. in Pembroke. http://actsmartit.com/

Grant Baxter from the First Church in Pembroke wants to tell you all about the community St. Patrick’s Day dinner served at the church this Saturday. Great food, fiddle music and a sing-a-long and Irish step dancers all await you on the town green in Pembroke! Visit Firstchurchinpembroke.org for details and tune in today at 8:40.

Our attention turns to The Bachelor television show and the brand new book by Amy Kaufman, who covers Hollywood for the LA Times, called Bachelor Nation: Inside the World of American’s Favorite Guilty Pleasure. Amy interviews dozens of former cast members and producers, relationship experts and sociologists, along with celebrity fans of the show, all to give you many never-before-told details to fans. https://twitter.com/amykinla



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