MommaJam is hosted by WATD’s mom, Sara Eberle, and airs every Thursday at 7:10 a.m.

Sara Eberle produces and hosts MommaJam, a crank up the volume, shout out loud audio podcast for mothers that cover MOP Culture (mom pop culture) which she launched in 2008. Sara is the mom of two teenagers. She realized mothers need some edge, stimulating conversation and connections to other parents, since being at home with young children can be isolating.

Every episode features a special guest who is an expert, artist, parent in the trenches, or business leader making front line decisions about products and entertainment influencing your children. The topics are appropriate for moms in all stages of parenthood, from baby to teenagers.

Prior to MommaJam, Sara owned a public relations firm in Los Angeles, representing video games, consumer software products and technology companies. She is an entrepreneur at heart and, after running a business and being in the thick of pop culture and emerging technologies for 15 years, she is happily raising her children and dreaming up the next big step for MommaJam, which is to launch the show on satellite or terrestrial radio nationwide.

Besides hosting MommaJam, Sara is a contributing writer for Parents and Kids magazine. She has also written for FamilyFun and Night Sky magazines. In 2005, Sara wrote a monthly column called, The New Mom, for the Lincoln Journal and Lexington Minuteman, two newspapers in metro Boston.

You can connect with MommaJam via email at 

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