Carol Perry

Carol Perry (1947-2016)

Carol is a native New Yorker who grew up in the City, then moved to Long Island and later to Maryland. In 1965 she enrolled as a freshman at Wellesley College and later majored in economics. During her college years, Carol’s father accepted an engineering job in Massachusetts so her parents moved to Wellesley Hills, only a few miles from the college. Then, in her junior year, a mutual friend introduced Carol to Edward Perry who was writing training manuals for the Navy and trying to build a radio station in the nearby town of Natick. Edward and Carol got along so well that after her college graduation, Carol’s mother suggested her daughter enroll in a Masters Degree Program at the University of Michigan nearly 1,000 miles from Natick. But despite the distance, Carol and Edward stayed in touch and in 1973 they were married.

Carol’s first job as an economist involved siting new branches for Shawmut Bank. She later joined Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Massachusetts and remained there for 24 years. In 1994 Carol left Blue Cross to begin work in the WATD sales department where she now handles a number of accounts and helps with traffic and billing.

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