Ed Nowak

Ed Nowak has been actively chasing fish since he was old enough to gather worms and bait a hook! His hobby became his livelihood when he married after the war and helped support a family of four boys and a princess.

During World War II, Nowak served as a photographer in the 21st Photo Reconnaissance Squadron assigned to General Chennault of Flying Tiger fame in China, Burma, and India. Upon his return to the states, he was assigned to the staff of “YANK” the Army Magazine.

As sporting goods sales manager after the war for the prestigious Bigelow & Dowse hardware firm, Nowak increased their fishing tackle business by an exclusive sales management and distribution alliance with Ted Williams’ Fishing Tackle. Ed helped develop Ted’s kids fishing gear and helped develop fly rods and spinning rods to match Williams’ famous fishing reels. The gear became so popular that Sears Roebuck bought William’s company and hired Ted to promote it and sell a complete line of Ted Williams sporting goods.

After his second trip to Mass General Hospital’s Cabbage Patch in 1990, The Fishin’ Pole stopped traveling. He remained active, however, writing fish tales, feature articles, and photographing outdoor action, as contributing editor of Offshore, New England’s Boating Magazine. His talent with words and camera led to a full time fishing magazine post as field editor for The Fisherman – NE Edition. Ed has won dozens of awards for his photography and several for his writing from outdoor writers organizations.

Working for The Fisherman, writing feature outdoor articles for local newspapers, and giving fishing seminars through the winter has kept him active and in touch with New England’s finest charter boat captains and sportsmen and women. Since joining Ron Hakala with his Fishin’ Pole broadcasts, the old gaffer has delighted and increased his many angler friends. The Fishin’ Pole’s sign-off has become

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