Lisa Azizian

Lisa Azizian, co-host on The South Shore's Morning News.

(781) 837-1166

Lisa brings the mom, animal-lover and foodie point-of-view to The South Shore’s Morning News, and has been doing so for more than 9 years. She loves helping people tell their stories, and loves working alongside pro Rob Hakala! Talking about food and swapping stories about growing up in Hanover are some of their favorite things.

Lisa has also worked with Music Director John Shea to create and produce local music show Almost Famous, heard every Tuesday from 8:00-10:00 pm. And prior to joining The South Shore’s Morning News Lisa co-produced and co-hosted Monday night talk show South Shore Live.

Lisa grew up in Hanover and as a kid she loved trips to Paragon Park and could be found hanging out at the Hanover Mall. A graduate of Emerson College, and an actress since age 10, Lisa is no stranger to performing for a crowd. These days she performs mostly for her kids who seem enchanted with her singing and animal noises.

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