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Taking you home Monday – Friday 2 til 6

My mouse Peanut hanging with Broomhilda the Ladycat Bookie


My pet Spider Fred.  He rules that corner of my house.


Do I like antique hats? Maybe just a little….. 



Liz takes you home with plenty of great music from the 70′s right on through today’s hits. 

The WATD News Team keeps you up to date with local news at 4, 5 and 6 PM 

Lisa DeMilo checks traffic for you 4 times an hour starting at 3:09; with reports at :09, :19, :39 and :49 minutes past the hour.

WATD’s Meteorologist Rob Gilman
lets you know what kind of weather to expect.

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Liz’s beauties.

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lizraven1Liz Has High Tea with Her Parrot Sweet Pea!

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