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  • Daily Forcast prepared for WATD Radio - 31 Oct 2014

    Daily PM Forecast

    Date: 10/31/2014

    Time: 01:01 PM

    By: Rob Gilman
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    Weather Headlines

    New England Weather Story

    A complex weather pattern is evolving across the eastern seaboard today. One storm system now over Michigan is diving southeastward. Meanwhile, another storm over the Tennessee Valley is heading northeastward. These two storms will merge, reforming off the mid-Atlantic coast, evolving into a potent ocean storm. This storm will track northeast, passing well off of Nantucket Saturday Night. Periods of drizzle will creep in along the coast this evening, becoming steadier and heavier into Saturday morning. The heaviest of the rain looks to be confined along the southeastern coast. However, northeasterly gales are likely right along the coast, gusting to 50MPH. Some wet snowflakes will mix by late Saturday night across the higher elevations of interior New England.

    Your Towns Forecast Sunset - 5:39PM
    This PM: Mostly cloudy and raw with spotty drizzle developing late. The wind will become easterly at 5 to 15mph.
    Tonight: Chilly Halloween with spotty light drizzle and fog.
    Saturday: Occasional rain and drizzle, becoming windy.
    Sunday: Rain ending, very windy and colder.

    The 3-Day Forecast
    Today Saturday Sunday
    Rainy+Breezy Windy
    54 ° F 50 ° F 46 ° F
            44 ° F       38 ° F


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Current Weather Conditions in MA
South Shore Tide Charts
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