SSMN: Thursday January 9th, 2014


Good Thursday morning.

Coming up today at 7:11, it’s “MommaJam” with Sara Eberle. It’s a great weekly feature that takes a look at stories, issues and events involving families.

Then at 8:11, it’s “A Helping Hand” with Bob Terravecchia from Weymouth Bank.  Bob joins us every week at this time with a focus on financial issues that affect you.

At 9:11, Rob and Lisa talk with Jason Silva, host of National Geographic Channel’s #1 rated and Emmy-nominated series Brain Games.  Jason Silva guides you through the twists and turns of your gray matter. Through a series of man-on-the-streets and experiments, Silva will be joined by top experts in the fields of cognitive science, neuroscience and psychology, who will give you the “why” behind the “wow.”

And at 9:22, we check in the folks from the Plymouth 400 Committee about what events and project they are working on as we approach 2020.

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