Bobbi Clark

Bobbi Clark graduated from Emerson in 1999 with a degree in writing, publishing, and literature.

At WIND in Chicago, Bobbi produced newsmaker segments for the morning drive news block and a daily live news/talk variety show. From there she went to Chicago’s NBC affiliate, WMAQ-TV. There she produced 5 Emmy award winning series. In Boston she produced an Emmy nominated documentary about long-time Boston TV anchor Jack Hynes for WLVI-TV.

Bobbi is a welcome addition to WATD, where she improves the station’s ability to cover the big town of Plymouth. WATD’s Ed Perry explains, “Plymouth is one of the largest, most important communities in our service area. So naturally, we’re pleased to have Bobbi Clark on board to cover the news there.”

While Bobbi has had considerable success in television, as she explains, “I never had more fun than I did when I worked in radio – there’s an incomparable vitality and urgency to it.”

About the Author

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