Together with Patrick Ryan

Thursdays & Fridays 1:00 – 5:00 AM

Host: Patrick Ryan

Together with Patrick Ryan

Patrick received his degree in Radio & Television in 1995 – and has worked as a jack of all trades in both professions.  He continues to live in the 20th century by choice, and he uses today’s technology sparingly. The program “Together” takes place in the 20′th Century – from the 20′s to the Mid 90′s – That’s 7 and a half decades of recorded love songs to choose from.  You’ll also hear many of the great instrumentals from the 70s and 60s.

Listening to “Together” is like going back in time:

You walk into a house with an orange shag carpet & wood paneling on the walls.  The kitchen is separated from the living room by a series of carved wooden spindles.  When you turn on the television (without a remote) you’re limited to three VHF channels and four UHF channels.  The radio is playing in the other room and “Let Me Love You Tonight” By Pure Prairie League is on.  People look you in the eye and talk to you, they are never preoccupied with a handheld device.  Life is a little simpler, and things don’t cost that much.

Patrick will always play music that brings you back to simpler times, where the best memories live.  We can stay there… at least for a little while listening to “Together.”

More about Patrick

Patrick Ryan was born in 1974 and the first five years of his life were saturated with music. In that time period between 1974 and 1980 the popular music genre was rich with diversity, but there was one constant: love songs.  The folksingers, the singer songwriters, the country bands, & the R&B acts were all generating magnificent slow ballads unlike any other time in history.  Throughout the 80′s these greats of the late 70′s and new artists of that time would continue this trend.

In 1978 his parents purchased a K-Tel – 8 Track tape called “Together” it had all of the best love songs of that time from artists such as Firefall, Heatwave, and The Little River Band – He fell in love with that 8 track – named his radio show after it, and he has the cartridge in the studio with him during the show.  Many times Patrick will play songs from 8 Tracks.

In the summer of 1979 Patrick opened up a birthday gift and inside was a Spiderman wrist-radio. The radio slid over his wrist and it could only tune in AM frequency.  In a stroke of luck and timing he discovered late 70s AM radio. 

In 1981 he was given a radio with a tape recorder embedded in it. This allowed him to record his favorite shows and songs.  He found 95.9 WATD one day while turning the dial on his Sears boom box – The first song he ever heard on the channel was “Up on The Roof.” 

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